Weekly Update #6

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OMG, its the 6th weekly update which means this week will mark the half way point in the second semester. It also marks the birth of a new committee that will be forged in Mordor. It also marks lent which means giving up studying and do more climbing. Anyways, I hope everyone enjoyed MUMC’s 91st annual dinner celebrations.
*****SOCIAL PANCAKE NIGHT 05/03/2019*****
Tuesday night at Samuel Maces house from 19:30 to 11:30. Bring your own toppings and booze. Will be heading to town afterwards, possibly 42s.

Bouldering at Rockover, every Monday beginning at 18:00.
Roped climbing at MCC, every Wednesday beginning at 13:30.

*****AGM 07/03/2019****
Thursday night at Firs Pavilion at 19:30. If you are planning to run for committee, please email a paragraph, about the role you are running for and why you are running, to our Gen Sec John Maddock at john.maddock@postgrad.manchester.ac.uk

On behalf of the MUMC Committee,


MUMC Media Secretary