Committee 2020

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The committee are a group of 15 students who run every aspect of the club. We organise trips, socials and training and make sure things run smoothly (well, as smoothly as possible considering we’re really just a bunch of climbers). We want to make the club the best it can possibly be for every member and keep moving forward onto bigger and better things. If you have any suggestions, problems or comments, you can reach out to any of us and we’ll be happy to help!

Members of the club put themselves forward to be part of the committee each year. The entire club then votes at the Annual General Meeting to decide on the committee for the following year, and hand-over of roles takes place on our annual trip to Pembroke.

Each member of the committee has written a bit about themselves, their climbing and their role within the club so you can get to know them.

Ethan Kennedy – President

  • I’m currently in my final year of studying chemical engineering. It’s one of those degrees that just disguises maths as something more interesting.
  • Until I joined MUMC I had only top roped climbed. It was through the club I developed all the skills needed to get outside into the wonderful places climbing can take you.
  • I prefer trad climbing because I like the combination of both mental and physical challenges. It is also really satisfying when you place a piece of protection you could hang a car off.
  • My favourite MUMC memory is from my first trip to Pembroke. I had to jump into the sea to rescue a rope so we could get ourselves back to the top of the cliff.
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Chris Bowden – Treasurer

  • Livin the PhD life, looking at how climate change affects the Indian monsoon and rice farmers.
  • I first got into climbing by joining the mountaineering club at my first uni on a whim and did loads of indoor bouldering, then followed friends up scary trad routes until they weren’t (as) scary anymore !
  • I love all types of climbing! From mountain trad, to Spanish sport and freezing Scottish winter – I love the variety of climbing and all the different places it takes you.
  • My favourite MUMC memory was learning how to use ropes in the (surprisingly strong) snow on the Scottish winter skills trip

John Maddock – General Secretary

  • I study Chemistry
  • I started climbing as part of my silver D of E award and have carried it on ever since
  • My favourite type of climbing is indoors as it allows me to challenge myself with interesting routes and push harder grades without getting rained on
  • The Ceilidh dancing at the annual dinner was something I really enjoyed as everyone gets involved and has a good time
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Laura Fraser-Smith – Meet Secretary

  • I study chemical engineering.
  • My mum got me into climbing – she did lots when she was our age. I’ve spent lots of time in the mountains and the coast, but I didn’t start climbing regularly until joining MUMC.
  • I enjoy most types of climbing, but so far trad is my favourite. I love doing multi pitch routes in the mountain… when it’s nice weather!
  • Winter Skills was my favourite MUMC trip. It was really fun to learn the snow skills and we had surprisingly good views for Scottish winter!

Sam Mace – Meet Secretary

  • I study Chemistry.
  • In my first year, MUMC introduced me to all the different disciplines in climbing and now I like them all (except for sport climbing, just kidding, I like them all), because they all make you question your life decisions when you choose to increase your gravitational potential energy in an unstable way.
  • Favourite type of climbing is at the moment bouldering and trad climbing but my interests and goals in climbing will change as the seasons change and my circumstances and objectives change.
  • One of my favourite memories is, well there’s quite a lot. Climbing in the peaks with my friends (except when they choose to do really run out slabs), going on weird adventures with Jon, getting pissed from one beer with Sam and Jonny at altitude.
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James Barrie – Trip Secretary

  • In my second year studying Electrical and Electronic Engineering.
  • I got into climbing first through going to my local wall and then heading outside with my dad, who had climbed in the past.
  • My favourite type of climbing has to be trad (MUMC #1 Trad Dad 2020). It gives you a thrill and a sense of achievement that you just don’t find anywhere else! Plus it opens doors to be able to climb in beautiful areas such as the Lake District and Snowdonia.
  • My favourite MUMC memory would be Funkmasters. It was my first big trip with the club, and I had an amazing time!

Ollie Read – Boulder Secretary

  • I am currently one year into my Chemistry PhD, working with Graphene of course.
  • I first got into bouldering a few years back when a new center opened minutes away from my flat during my undergrad in Southampton. It provided a welcome alternative to the usual student hobby of drinking.
  • My favourite type of climbing is indoor bouldering, but I am also beginning to love indoor sport. I became instantly hooked as it is the BEST sport to have fun whilst keeping fit without the grind of a gym, or the competitiveness of team sports. There is nothing more satisfying than finally sending a project.
  • Since joining the club last year I have been introduced to sport climbing, trad and outdoor bouldering. I had never seen myself doing climbing with ropes as I thought I hated heights, but everyone was super kind and provided many opportunities to learn new skills.
  • I am most looking forward to the bouldering trip in Fontainebleau.
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Johnathan Goves – Safety Secretary

  • Mres Medical Sciences
  • Got into climbing via local climbing gym
  • Favourite kind of climbing is anything that involves high mountains, ice and snow.
  • Favourite MUMC memory is hearing about Sam D getting helicoptered off x

Anna Wild – Competition Secretary 

  • I’m studying Cognitive Neuroscience and Psychology
  • I really liked climbing trees and gymnastics but didn’t realise climbing was a thing until I was about 12 and I’ve been going ever since.
  • My favourite type of climbing is a close one between bouldering and sport. But I’d have to say sport as I love combining the limit of my strength and endurance to push myself physically as much as possible. I also find sport most rewarding and love the process of projecting routes and I also think the locations sport climbing can take you are the most enjoyable.
  • My favourite MUMC memory is competing in NUBS and the first night of funkmasters
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James Nightingale – Gear Secretary 

I study Computer Science
The first time I climbed was on a school trip to rock over and it’s all been downhill since then
My favourite type of climbing is aid – after trad climbing peak grit with Johnny so much I have seen enough dodgy aid techniques to write a book
My best MUMC memory is spending 3 days camping at -10 in Scotland without a single technical insulating layer and a 2 season sleeping bag

Rachel Marshall – Media Secretary 

  • I’m starting my 4th year of a Maths degree rip
  • I got into climbing through MUMC! I came to Uni not even knowing how to top-rope belay, and pretty much everything I’ve learnt since has been thanks to the club.
  • I love that trad climbing gets you properly outside in nature, which is a nice break from being in the city. It’s just as much about gear placements and pushing yourself mentally; a different challenge to climbing in a gym.
  • My favourite memory is leading Sea Mist at Pembroke after not being able to leave the minibus all morning due to a hangover.
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Sam Wale – Merch Secretary 

  • I study Children’s Nursing
  • I climbed indoors since I was 11 after trying it at a birthday party. It wasn’t until I came to uni that I started climbing outdoors and realised how much I loved that side of climbing
  • I love trad, especially at a crag with good views! Getting outside is a great escape from the city and always makes me feel better
  • When Johnny had to prusik all the way up a 30m route at Pembroke after abseiling into the wrong place

Maya Saint John – Welfare Secretary 

  • I study Linguistics.
  • I did the tiniest bit of bouldering with my friend before uni but largely got involved through MUMC, it was the first club I joined and I stuck around.
  • My favourite type of climbing is sport because it gets you outside but is still really accessible and easy to get stuck into.
  • My favourite MUMC memory has to be the annual dinner Ceilidh dancing chaos.
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Mika Thompson – Social Secretary 

  • I’m studying Fashion Art Direction at MMU
  • I got into climbing through the learn to climb course with Mumc whilst I was studying at Uom. I eventually dropped out of Uom but stuck with the MUMC!
  • I’m mainly into indoor bouldering as its so accessible to do alongside my course and work, but when I get the chance I love a bit of outdoor sport climbing to really test my fear of heights.
  • My favourite mumc memory has to be last years annual dinner dancing the ceilidh!!

Charlie Swinfen Green – Social Secretary 

  • I study Classical Studies (Think Ancient literature)
  • I got into climbing as a kid when my mum wanted some peace and quiet so she sent me and my brother to a bouldering centre for an afternoon
  • My favourite kind of climbing is sport as I think you can get all of the great views of trad coupled with the benefit of needing less gear and I find easier to push myself further on sport
  • My favourite MUMC memory is definitely my first multipitch with Sam Reeve. Pretty mega and a nice exposed arete at the end with a beautiful view of the welsh coast