How much does membership cost a year?

£40 for the year (September-August), or £30 after January exams (February-August). For more information visit the Join Us page.


When do you meet?

We meet on Mondays (Indoor bouldering at Rockover), Wednesdays (Indoor climbing at MCC) and for socials at various points over the weeks.


What gear do I need?

To start with you need very little equipment! The club can provide most of the gear that you will need during your first outings. Any club member is able to borrow this gear if they give a small deposit (usually in the form of a cheque) to the gear secretary. For the first few clubs trips you don’t have to do this – we’ll bring all the gear along!

As you progress you might like to invest in some of your own climbing equipment. The initial things you might like to buy will be the personal pieces of gear that the club will struggle to supply such as:

  • Climbing Shoes – the ones the club own tend to be old, smelly and well-used!
  • Chalk Bag – we do not have these to lend out to members.

After which you might also like to purchase further personal gear such as:

  • Harness
  • Belay Device
  • Helmet

Though you should bear in mind that although the club can usually lend the above three, should you wish to start leading then you will need some serious rock climbing equipment. If you ask any member of the committee then they will be able to advise you, as will the staff at either of the climbing centres or in any reputable outdoor shop.


Do I need experience?

No! We cater for newcomers and experienced climbers alike.


What trips can I look forward to?

Over the year we run a number of trips to the Peak District. We also visit Fontainebleau, Pembrokeshire, Snowdonia, the Lake District and many more!