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Hi everyone, I’m your welfare secretary at MUMC this year and I’m here to make sure that the club is a welcoming and inclusive environment and that anyone who is struggling or feels excluded (e.g. bullying/ harassment/mental health) has a clear path to support and advice they can access from us.

I am always available to help in any way I can and have knowledge of both university and public support services for a range of issues, as well as being a regular presence at club meet-ups and trips so don’t be scared to approach me, I’m literally always up for a chat.

You can get in touch with me if you need information, advice or support using the confidential form at the bottom of this page and we can have a chat or alternatively, you can use it anonymously to safely report any concerning behaviour to us without involving yourself beyond your comfort zone.

As part of our committee we have a welfare secretary, Maya. As welfare secretary, she’s the best person to talk to in the club if you have a problem of any nature. However, you can talk to any member of the committee; they will be more than happy to listen and help you. Anything you talk to us about will remain confidential, unless we think you or another person is at risk of harm. Below is information about different places you can get help. If you have difficulties navigating any of the websites/resources, the welfare sec can also assist with this.

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If you want to get in contact with Maya, drop her a message using the contact from at the bottom of the page

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Climbing offers many health benefits that are not just physical.  It improves your self esteem, mental agility and self awareness. It’s a great stress-buster and a full body workout, so it’s good for general wellbeing.

Climbing requires a lot of problem solving, mental concentration and focus, so it helps sharpen your brain. A lot of people like it as it allows you to escape everyday worries and just focus on the climb.  It also can give a great sense of achievement.  Read BMC member Jake McMannus’s story of how climbing is helping him to climb out of depression.

Climbing can be a very sociable activity. Sport England’s Active People Survey results show that most people say they participate for the social aspect.  You develop strong friendships with your climbing partners due to the level of trust involved and through sharing challenges and experiences.
(Taken from the BMC website)

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