MUMC participates in several university level competitions to which transport is provided. Anyone who is interested in competing should contact the Competition Sec.

Competitions are an opportunity for beginners to learn by observing stronger climbers and to challenge themselves on harder problems than they may otherwise attempt. We encourage anyone regardless of ability to get in touch if they wish to participate. Those starting to climb at the beginning of their time at UoM have found themselves competing for the University in national competitions three years later.



Over the past few years the Northern Universities Bouldering Series has gradually expanded. There are over 15 participating universities, including ourselves, Sheffield and Leeds. This event provides a very high level of competition, while maintaining a format which is accessible to even the most novice of climber. Problems set are between V3 and V8.

Over the winter period, rounds will be held in Liverpool, Leeds, Manchester and Sheffield.

The series will consist of a team competition and four individual competitions. Groups of six climbers from each university compete for a team prize. These climbers also compete for individual men’s and women’s titles against each other. Climbers not taking part in the team competition compete for separate men’s and women’s titles between themselves.


Christie Cup

Every spring the Christie Cup is held between the University of Manchester, Leeds University and Liverpool University, across 28 sports. In climbing, hosting and organisation duties are rotated annually, with the host University privileged to decide the competition format. The competition format will be announced in the spring.



The BUCS climbing championship occurs in March each year. It consists of two bouldering competitions, one for men and one for women. Results from the individual competitions are taken to make up the results of the team competition. MUMC arranges two teams to compete, each comprising of two men and one woman. Selection for these teams is based on performance throughout the year.


Performance Colours

The university gives awards (half and full colours) to those who perform well either in the BUCS competition or outdoors. Half colours are designed to be achievable by anyone who has joined the club in their first year of university by the time they leave. Full colours are aimed at exceptional climbers who will typically have performed at a nationally recognisable standard. Below is a breakdown of the standards rewarded.

All climbs must be completed between May and April of the following year. Climbs made prior to entry into university may be counted towards colours in your first year.

TypeGenderHalf ColoursFull Colours
BUCS CompetitionBothTop 8Top 4
Trad (lead clean on-site)Men5 routes of E2 or harder3 routes of E6 or harder
Women5 routes of E1 or harder3 routes of E5 or harder
Bouldering (bouldered clean)Men5 problems of font 7A+ (V7) or harder3 problems of 8A (V11) or harder
Women5 problems of font 7A (V6) or harder3 problems of font 7C+ (V10) or harder
Sport (lead clean)Men5 routes of F7a+ or harder3 routes of 8a or harder
Women5 routes of F7a or harder3 routes of F7c+ or harder
Winter (lead clean on-site)Both3 routes of V3 routes of VIII
Alpine (lead clean on-site)Both3 routes of Difficile (D)2 routes of Extremement Difficile (ED)
CommitteeBothSingle (50 hours), Double (100 hours)Triple (200 hours)
*For multi-pitch routes, the climber must have lead the crux pitch to say they have lead a climb of that grade.

i.e. 3 pitch climb: E3 5b, 6a, 4c – climber can second the first and third pitch but must have cleanly lead the 6a pitch to claim the E3 tick.