The Constitution

Manchester University Mountaineering Club Constitution

  1. The Name of The Club

    1. The club’s name shall be The Manchester University Mountaineering Club. Hereinafter referred to as “the club”.

  2. Membership of The Club

    1. Membership of the club will be open to all students of The University of Manchester in accordance with the AU Constitution.

    2. Those elected to the role of Vice President do not need to pay membership.

    3. Membership to the club shall only be open to individuals who recognise that climbing and mountaineering are activities with a danger of personal injury or death. Members shall be aware and accept these risks and agree to be responsible for their own actions.

    4. Those perceived to be in charge (i.e. the committee, meets organiser and leaders) are not necessarily qualified, do not need to be qualified (except in the case of the Health and Safety Officer), they are regarded as amateur climbers of experience who are happy to impart their knowledge.

    5. Individuals who are not students of The University of Manchester may only participate in club activities at the discretion of the Sports Sabbatical Officer and/or Director of Sport.

    6. All members are subject to the regulations of the constitution, and by joining the club will be deemed to accept these regulations and codes of conduct the club has adopted.

    7. Up to 30% of total club membership can be made up of non-student members.

  1. Club Officials

    1. The club committee will be responsible for conducting the club’s administration. This committee shall not operate autonomously, and administrative issues should satisfy all members of the club.

    2. The committee will consist of the following members, who shall be full-time students at The University of Manchester:


  • President
  • General Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Health and Safety Officer
  • Meets Secretary
  • Gear Secretary
  • Social Secretary
  • Competition Secretary
  • Media Secretary
  • T-shirts and Journal Secretary
  • Technology Officer
  • Welfare Secretary
  • Vice President


    1. The committee will serve for one complete academic year. Committee elections will be conducted as per guidance from the AU.

    2. At least one meeting of the incoming and outgoing committees will be held before September to promote the efficient ‘hand-over’ of the club and to provide guidance and information to the new committee.

    3. If a position is not filled at the AGM when the elections are held, the committee may appoint a suitable candidate when one is found.

  1. Club Subscriptions and Club Finance

    1. A membership fee is required from all club members.

    2. The committee is responsible for the collection of fees and for banking the fees as soon as practical.

    3. Club members may not receive any direct or indirect payment from club funds, except for legitimate expenses incurred in connection with club business.

    4. Only the president and treasurer are required to be banking signatories

  2. Duties of Club Officials

    1. President:

Ensures that all club guidelines are followed.

Presides at and chairs all club’s official meetings.

Ensures a high standard of instruction and leadership for the members.

Ensures that the club’s committee includes the members stated in section 3.

Ensures that the club has at least one qualified first-aider to act as health and safety officer.

    1. General Secretary:

Updates the membership list of the club.

Provides a full and detailed list of club members to the sports administrator.

Circulates committee meeting minutes to all committee members.

Reports membership of the club to the BMC.

Provides secretarial support to the club committee and issues the minutes of the club’s AGM to the sports administrator.

    1. Club Treasurer:

Administers the club’s finances.

Produces the club’s annual budget application.

    1. Health and Safety Officer:

Must attain a basic first aid certificate.

Ensures that the club has an adequate first aid kit.

Ensures that the club has completed a risk assessment form and handed it in to the AU.

Responsible for attending or making sure another committee member attends the BMC safety and good practice seminar.

    1. Meets Secretary:

Collects the names of people going on trips, emergency contact details etc. and submits them to the AU.

Completes the external activities forms for the AU.

Books transport for trips.

Organises accommodation for trips.

Ensures that there are enough leaders and seconds to safely run the trip.

Ensures that there are enough drivers to run the trip.

Liaises with the Athletic Union over all matters concerning safety, including completion of external activities forms.

    1. Gear Secretary:

Responsible for continued upkeep of club equipment.

Makes recommendations to the president as to equipment required.

Responsible for safe storage of equipment.

Performs the club’s annual inventory and stock safety assessment.

Produces an annual kit purchase plan.

Carries out checks on equipment for wear, damage etc.

Logs history of equipment usage.

    1. Social Secretary:

Responsible for welcoming new members and integrating them into the club.

Organises club social events such as the Christmas dinner.

    1. Competition Secretary:

Organises the club’s team.

Enters the club into competitions.

Organises any training sessions that are required for the team.

Nominates a team captain every academic year.

    1. Media Secretary:

Responsible for providing regular correspondence to the members of the club

Keeps the website up to date.

Runs club social media.

Maintains any sponsorship deals

Responsible for checking that people do not have any issue with images of them being on the website.

    1. Merchandise and Journals Secretary:

Designs and prints any club merchandise.

Designs and updates the yearly journal.

    1. Technology officer:

Responsible for the functional maintenance and creation of online tools or services such as the website and online-payment systems.

    1. Welfare Secretary:

Responsible for raising awareness for welfare issues and acts as a mediator between the AU, Committee and members of the club.

Responsible for raising awareness of University support systems.

The first port of call for club members who have any issues within the club.

Posts on UK Climbing whenever the club goes on a trip to a crag

    1. Vice President:

The committee elects a maximum of five members for the honorary position of vice president.

Acts as someone that anyone in the club can go to for advice, particularly the Committee.

  1. Meetings

    1. An Annual General Meeting (AGM) is required around the at least a month before the end of the academic year. This will take place for the election of incoming club officials and any issues that the club deem important.

    2. The club members should be given at least one week’s notice of the AGM.

    3. A minimum of 60% of active members must be present to vote at the AGM.

    4. Only club members are entitled to vote.

    5. The AU Chair must be informed immediately, by way of a copy of the meeting minutes, of the results of the elections.

    6. In the event that a committee position becomes vacant at a time other than the AGM an extraordinary general meeting must be called at the next suitable occasion.

  2. Clubs Complaints Procedure

    1. Complaints concerning club operational matters should initially be addressed to the president or welfare secretary.

    2. If this does not prove satisfactory a written complaint should be made to the Sports Sabbatical Officer; the Sports Sabbatical Officer will then deal with the matter and a reply will be received within ten days.

  3. Changes to Club Constitution

    1. Changes can be implemented if approved by the AU Chair and a two-thirds majority is obtained at an annual or ordinary general meeting of the club.
  4. Athletic Union Commitments

    1. A minimum of two representatives from each club are required to attend UoM Sports Forums.
    2. Two representatives from the committee are required to attend to the AU Annual General Meeting.
    3. The club should aim to meet all deadlines set by the Sports Sabbatical Officer or the AU.
  5. General Conduct of Club Members

    1. All club members must be made aware that they are, at all times, representing The University of Manchester and that they are expected to conform to reasonable standards of behaviour.
    2. Any complaints made by members of the public or by other institutions against a club or individual club members will result in a disciplinary hearing being conducted by the Athletic Union.
    3. The committee will be responsible for ensuring the good conduct of its members, taking necessary action against members who infringe the club or Athletic Union code of conduct.