Meet the Committee

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The committee are a group of 13 students who run every aspect of the club. We organise trips, socials and training and make sure things run smoothly (well, as smoothly as possible considering we’re really just a bunch of climbers). We want to make the club the best it can possibly be for every member and keep moving forward onto bigger and better things. If you have any suggestions, problems or comments, you can reach out to any of us and we’ll be happy to help!

Members of the club put themselves forward to be part of the committee each year. The entire club then votes at the Annual General Meeting to decide on the committee for the following year, and hand-over of roles takes place on our annual trip to Pembroke.

Each member of the committee has written a bit about themselves, their climbing and their role within the club so you can get to know them.

Rachel Marshall – President

  • I love that trad climbing gets you properly outside in nature, which is a nice break from being in the city. It’s just as much about gear placements and pushing yourself mentally; a different challenge to climbing in a gym.
  • I got into climbing through MUMC! I came to Uni not even knowing how to top-rope belay, and pretty much everything I’ve learnt since has been thanks to the club.
  • My favourite thing about MUMC is the welcoming community and how willing everyone is to give up their time to teach new skills – from belaying to trad leading, there’s always people happy to help beginners.
  • My favourite trip is Pembroke! There’s something really special (and sketchy) about climbing on sea cliffs, and its also the trip that’s most likely to be sunny/not freezing.
  • I study Maths (RIP)
  • If you’re looking for a way to keep fit without much pressure, go on massive tradventures or train hard with the comp team, climbing can offer something for everyone. There’s a lot of diversity in the types of climbers in the club, so you can really get what you want out of the sport.

Favourite MUMC memory: Leading Sea Mist at Pembroke after not being able to leave the minibus all morning due to a hangover.

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Bradley Gardner – Welfare Secretary

  • My favourite kind of climbing is indoor lead climbing. The fear of falling gives you extra drive to get to the top and makes getting there even more satisfying
  • I started climbing last September after seeing the stall at the freshers fair! I went along to some of the beginner sessions and loved it
  • My favourite thing about MUMC is meeting up with like-minded outdoorsy people to share in the joy of climbing.
  • For me, the best trip of the year is Funkmasters (I’m a bit biased being from Snowdonia). Its early in the year and everyone’s super excited to be in such a beautiful place outside of the city to party and climb
  • I study Geography, heavily influenced by my love for the outdoors and rocks…

Favourite MUMC memory: Leading my my first route on the Pembroke trip, although there’s no doubt the karaoke bar after the Christmas dinner is up there


Jonathan Aze – Treasurer

  • I love trad climbing because it takes you out of Manchester into some beautiful parts of the country. Plus, I love lining up all my gear
  • I got into climbing when living in the Lake District during a placement year; my housemate was into climbing and quickly got me hooked
  • I love MUMC because everyone is friendly and willing to help you improve. You can always find someone who’s up for a trip to the Peaks or a session at Rockover
  • To choose a favourite trip is a tough call, but probably Annual Dinner. It’s a great time in the Lakes, even if it rains, and I feel like I’m returning to my climbing roots
  • I’m currently doing a PhD in Material Science (come to me for long conversations about graphene!)
  • I love climbing because (most of the time) its non-competitive and its a great feeling when you’re making good progress. Plus its at least 50% standing around and chatting

Favourite MUMC memory: Doing a sketchy traverse in Font with Tara’s jumper wrapped around my head for protection

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Ethan Kennedy – Meet Secretary

  • I love any kind of climbing, so long as its outside – it has all the appeal. Broken ankles, big falls and nothing like a dodgy nut to remind you you’re alive
  • How did I get into climbing you ask? I was born on a portaledge and sent 7a that day
  • My favourite thing about MUMC you ask? Has to be Sam Mace
  • Best trip of the year is Funkmasters; I get to wake people up with a pot and spoon
  • Favourite thing about climbing? Receiving a power spot from James 😉
  • I study Chemical Engineering – one of the degrees that is just maths disguised as something more interesting

Favourite MUMC memory: Every time I get my rope stuck on something

Harriet Hudgell – Merch Secretary

  • My favourite type of climbing is multipitch trad. I love making a whole day of it: lunch halfway up a rock face with incredible views and then carrying on upwards!
  • My boyfriend Sam starting dragging me out climbing whenever he could; if it was raining we’d go to the wall instead. I eventually started volunteering to go before he even asked and now can’t get enough of it!
  • I love the feeling of community in MUMC. You can be chilling at the bottom of the crag or the wall and still feel included and a part of the fun
  • Font is definitely my favourite trip (not just because France is warmer than here). I saw a real improvement in my climbing, got more enthusiastic and started pushing myself again
  • I love the feeling of achievement and strength that comes from climbing. The idea that I’m somewhere most people will never go makes me feel so privileged

Favourite MUMC memory: Since there were a lot of us in the Fontainbleau forest, all spread out with little mobile signal, we needed a way to communite and regroup at the end of the day. So that’s when the “Ca-Caw!” began. One person would shout it and as it echoed around the rocks, anyone who could hear would respond and follow the voice. We got some funny looks from other people, but it was quick and efficient!

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James Nightingale – Social Secretary

  • My favourite discipline of climbing is speed because I am fast as f***
  • My introduction to climbing you ask? A pint of John Smith’s was out of reach and the rest is history
  • The best part of MUMC is the opportunities that are available if you go for them. Nowhere else will you go from a boulder bro to an alpinist in such a short time while spending next to nothing on training
  • My favourite trip was Font. Taking a break from eating every hour to have another attempt at a boulder problem very much aligns with how I climb
  • I study computer science
  • My favourite thing about climbing? Power spotting 😉

Favourite MUMC memory: Leading my first E1 – Choka

Tara G-R – Safety Secretary

  • For me, the best type of climbing is trad! A bit of sketch is good for you
  • I got into climbing through friends at work
  • My favourite thing about MUMC is the people – they’re ace
  • The best trip of the year is Pembroke; trad climbing with beautiful sea cliff views is something else
  • I study adult nursing
  • I love climbing to see how far I can push the limits of my own fear. It’s also the ultimate distraction from work

Favourite MUMC memory: When a certain member may or may not have reversed the club hire van into the gate wall (Font circa 2019)

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Shovi Anjum – Competition Secretary

  • My favourite type of climbing? Bouldering, bouldering and more bouldering! For me, its the most accessible and its super sociable
  • I forced myself to start climbing as part of my DofE award and ended up loving it so much that I kept it up
  • The best thing about MUMC is the welcoming atmosphere; climbers in general are a friendly bunch and the MUMC is no exception. Despite my initial apprehensions, the people are incredibly lovely and I’ve made some really cool friends
  • My favourite trip is Font.. endless boulders and baguettes. What more could you want? I don’t think there was a single second I wasn’t ecstatically happy and I can’t wait to go back
  • I study geography, which lends itself pretty well to climbing (my life revolves around rocks)
  • I love climbing for the problem solving aspect; with climbing there are always new things to figure out. I love that it engages your brain, which helps you mental health and the ability to work under high pressure

Favourite MUMC memory: I abseiled over a cliff in Pembroke and ended up on an extremely exposed ledge. The sun was setting and the waves were crashing so Jack and I ended up singing Christmas songs to calm my nerves. We ended up being stuck there for so long Jack had to relieve himself off the edge of the ledge into the sea

John Maddock – General Secretary 

  • My favourite type of climbing is indoors as it allows me to challenge myself with interesting routes and push harder grades without getting rained on
  • I started climbing as part of my silver D of E award and have carried it on ever since
  • I love how MUMC brings a group of people together to take part in an activity they enjoy, with a few laughs along the way
  • I really enjoy the winter skills trip as it is different to the other trips throughout the year and allows me to learn new skills
  • I study chemistry
  • Climbing is great because there is always something new to learn and a new challenge to work on

Favourite MUMC memory: The Ceilidh dancing at the annual dinner was something I really enjoyed as everyone gets involved and has a good time

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Sam Wale – Media Secretary 

  • Big wall trad climbing is my favourite kind; it’s scary and exciting. You really feel like you’ve achieved something at the end
  • I climbed when I was little, but picked it back up again with my friends during A levels
  • My favourite thing about MUMC is the amazing friends I’ve made through it (cue the violins). I’ve been able to learn so many skills that I never would have been able to otherwise
  • The best trip of the year has to be Funkmasters; its basically one big party. I also got to do my first big wall climb on Idwal Slabs
  • I study biology
  • I love climbing because it takes you outdoors and gets you out of the city. Plus, its great for your mental health

Favourite MUMC memory: The Halloween AU social when we dressed up as questionable zombies (sorry Rachel)

Molly Worth – Meet Secretary 

  • My favourite type of climbing has to be trad- it was the first discipline I tried and I love all the amazing places it’s taken me!
  • I got into climbing when my dad would take me out to our local crag when I was little- admittedly I didn’t climb much, I think he pulled me up most of the routes!
  • My favourite thing about MUMC is the friendly, accepting community. Whether you want to try hard, or just enjoy spending time with like-minded people, there’s always someone cheering you on.
  • My favourite trip is definatley Pembroke. Sea cliffs add a whole other level of excitement whilst you’re climbing!
  • I study Biomedical Science and French
  • I love climbing because it gets me outside and to some amazingly remote places that not many people will get to experience

Favourite MUMC memory: My first ever Funkmasters- I wasn’t quite sure what I had gotten myself into but I knew that I had found a group of people that I would have an amazing time with!

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Reuben Kouidri – Gear Secretary 

  • My favourite type of climbing is anything at high altitude
  • I got into climbing through family friends
  • For me, the best thing about MUMC is how inclusive it is
  • My favourite trip is anything that involves trad in North Wales
  • I study Theoretical Physics
  • I love climbing ’cause it feels organic as f***… (only kidding) you get to see the world from some pretty cool places

Favourite MUMC memory: Camping in Snowdonia with everybody